Raw diet

What is a Raw diet?

Raw feeding is the practice of feeding domestic carnivores such as dogs and cats a diet of uncooked meat, edible bones, and organs. Most Bengal cat owners feed their pets with raw meat, even though some veterinarians are usually against this practice.

A Raw diet provides a range of benefits that a commercial diet can never hope to even closely match.

These benefits include:

  • No pet odor
  • Meaty bones will help clean teeth
  • Much less stools produced
  • Decreased or non-existent vet bills (your animals are healthier!)

If you decide to go this route, it is necessary to do thorough research to ensure you include meat, organs, and bones in the right ratios.

Supplements like Kitty Bloom can be used together with a raw diet containing chicken, beef, rabbit and pre-made mixes for better results.