Retired Queens

TUESDAY (LandOfBengals Tuesday)

Tuesday comes from a litter of kittens out of Titan and Maven. We ended up keeping all 3 kittens for ourselves. Her first litter was 2019 and she has produced some beautiful kittens.

TICA Registered. Born 03/15/18. Color: Black Silver Spotted Tabby.

Tested:   PRA & PK Def: N/N.    FIV: Negative     HCM: Normal (03/2022).

MYSTIC (Thelove4bengals Mystical Magic)


Mystic needs to be the only cat in the house. She is super shy and will need a lot of patience to come around. She is very active and loves to run in her wheel. 

TICA Registered. Born 09/27/19.

Color: Brown Black Marbled Tabby.

THURSDAY (LandOfBengals Thursday)


Thursday was born and raise in our cattery. She has a beautiful personality. She is super sweet and always wants to cuddle and play.

TICA Registered. Born 03/15/18.

Color: Black Silver Spotted Tabby.

PIXI (Thelove4bengals Pixi)

Pixi is a little bit shy at the beginning but after she gets to know you, she will open and shine. She will meows until you pay attention to her and pet her.

TICA Registered. Born 09/16/19.

Color: Brown Black Spotted Tabby.

RAVEN (LandOfBengals Raven)

Raven is one of two kittens we have kept out of Maven and Titan. She is a silver spotted female with a very active and outgoing personality. She has beautiful blue eyes and a black spots on her silver coat. We expect to start breeding her in the Fall of 2018 and bring you some incredible kittens from her and Titus.

TICA Registered. Born 03/15/18.

Color: Black Silver Spotted Tabby.

Tested: PRA & PK Def: N/N

BROOKLYNN (LandOfBengals Brooklynn)


Brooklyn is a beautiful snow kitten out of Dexter and Summer. She has beautiful blue eyes and a gray spots on her white/cream coat. She is a full time lady.

TICA Registered. Born 03/15/18.

Color: Seal Mink Spotted Tabby cb/cs.

Tested: PRA & PK Def: N/N

Buccaneer Pokerface Maven

Maven is the sweetest cat in the world. She was purchased after viewing her YouTube channel. True to her namesake, she is a great poker player. She prefers to be able to turn over her own cards and she believes all the chips on the table are hers. She spends most of her time collecting her “winnings” and counting to make sure she doesn’t get cheated.

She demands constant loving and is always willing to be apart of whatever activities the nearby humans are involved in. She always inspects the faucet temperature before allowing her owner to brush his teeth. As with any owner a YouTube channel, she is well versed in using the computer. She prefers to sit on her owner’s lap and move the mouse while he tries to type. She is also very good at using the delete key on important files.

JustPink Autumn Meow Meow


Autumn  (called Meow Meow around the house) has taken on a new life as the head female in a house with four boys (the human kind, not the feline kind.) She has her own room full of toys and furniture where she can sit and look down on the humans who serve her. When not watching out for indoor football players, she sits on her owners lap and enjoys watching old movies on NetFlix. She also prefers to obtain her own food off the kitchen counter and doesn’t believe she needs to ask for permission.

LandOfBengals Annabel


Annabel is one of two kittens we have kept out of Maven and Dexter. She is a silver spotted female with a very lovable and adoring personality. She demands constant attention from her owner, like any good Bengal cat should. She loves to play in the water chase yearn while her owner attempts to sew or crochet. Given time, she may master the art of making her own blankets… or balls of yarn.

LandOfBengals Addison


Addison is a brown marble kept out of a litter from Maven and Dexter. She is very sweet and loving. She can never get enough attention and loves anything involving contact with humans. She is very tiny and after her first litter, we may not re-breed her. If you are interested in an adult cat as a pet in a forever home, please contact us about possibly adopting Addison this summer.