Kings – ALCs


(Little love)

With him is how everything begins… Amorcito is our ALC (Asian Leopard cat) or Felis bengalensis, which is the foundation for the Bengal cat breed. Asian leopards are small wild cats native to Asia. They are similar in size to a small Bengal but with longer legs and smaller heads. They have a huge range, and vary in size and color depending on their environment and climates they inhabit. 

Amorcito has been raised with and like our other babies, so even if ALCs suppose to be solitary, he finds joy in the company of our other bengals… boys and girls are welcome to play with him.

TICA Registered. Born 05/14/23.

Color: Brown Black Spotted Tabby.

Genetics: He carries double Apb.

Tested:   PRA & PK Def: N/N.    FIV: Negative     HCM: Pending