Best Raw Food Recipe for Bengals:

You don’t have to complicate your life with fancy or elaborate recipes because you love your Bengal; you just need to keep it simple.

Remember, Bengals are obligate carnivores, so the best you can do for them is to feed them primarily with meat. They don’t need a lot of vegetable matter and they don’t need ANY kind of grain.

We use the following ratio when we prepare our Bengals raw food:

2/3 of the total mix should be uncooked chicken (with bones) and turkey (no bones). We use the bag of leg quarters and ground turkey. Yes we use both, chicken and turkey but you can use just chicken if you want.

1/3 of the 2/3 chicken/turkey meat mix, should be organ meats. What is that? Well livers, gizzards, hearts, kidneys etc. Those are a wonderful source of taurine.

1/3 of our total mix is beef, ground beef it is the easiest.

If you find a deal on whole chicken, or stew meat or something, or ground turkey, you can just modify the recipe but keep the ratios. It does not have to be expensive to be good. Just a nice mix of meats is preferred. Any raw is much better than commercial food/kibble.

Please! Do not get hung up on exact amounts. I mean you won’t see a cat just picking some parts of a chicken to eat.

We use containers of Squash baby food. The ratio of this amount in comparison with the total mix would be like the tiny amount your cat would found in the stomach of small rodents (if he/she were hunting). We also use pumpkin 100% pure (no sugar added). This is for fiber since they are not eating fur and feathers like when they are in the wild. That squash and pumpkin is ALL the vegetable matter that your Bengal really needs in his/her raw mix.

We put in the mix plain Greek yogurt because it would help improve good bacteria growth in the feline digestive tract. It would be more beneficial to add an acidopholus supplement. We use the Greek yogurt because it has all the good bacteria (just make sure that one of the bacteria is L. acidophilus).

And last but not less important, Kitty Bloom, this is a 4lbs container of it. We have been using it in our food since forever. This is the best by far from all the supplements for felines we have found. (I also use the one they have available for dogs for my Pomeranian)

We use double zipper freezer baggies. Don’t use the regular storage baggies, they are thinner than the freezer ones and because you have ground bone in the mix, the bone will make it porous and will leak a lot. Besides, since we are freezing the food we want it to be as protected as we can.

I have 2 more little secret to share… One is that you will want to get a VERY GOOD meat cleaver. Believe me, a regular kitchen knife, even the biggest you have, it would not be enough. I cannot stress this enough. A cleaver will make cutting the chicken up to fit in the neck of the grinder so much easier. This is the one I have. It is great and not too expensive.

The second secret I have left is the meat grinder. You really need one of these ones. It will make your life sooo much easier! This one is the one I have, I have been using it for the past 3 year and not a single problem and price is good. You of course can find more professional ones but this works great.

After all ingredients have been ground and mixed well. Pack them in individual bags and freeze.

But forget to give your cats a try…

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