These are our precious Sires

LandOfBengals Titan Jr.


Titan Jr. is our  newest stud and we have high expectation for him as breeders. He is the last son of Titan and Maven. Like his dad, he a beautiful muscular and wild silver spotted male. He is the largest of our Bengals and we look forward to many beautiful litters from him.

Cajunpride Titus of Landofbengals


Titus comes to us from the bayous of Louisiana and is an avid fan of LSU football. He has bred and sired many bangles in deep south and now resides in (OSU) Cowboy Country. While  shy in person, he has a way with the ladies. His kittens have brought out his beautiful  brown colors and his silver kittens have been nicely glitters. All have been sweet and fun and cuddly. We wonder where they get that from?